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Except for machining service,we 
supply a wide range of service as below:
1.Mould design &Making for plastic injection,casting,and stamping
2.Machining service for die-casting part
3.Assembly work & Engineering consulting
4.Customized packing &Logistics service
  [Company News]  Heat treatment---the solution of deformation in aluminium machining  8/14/2012 10:20:04 AM

   As we all know that heat treatment has been widely applied to mechanical engineering,Especially in stinless steel,but there are few us know it is same important in aluminium parts machining .
   l had ever had a business with a client from Israel,he wanted sample approved before bulk order with the part is very complex.we begun to sample making after payment done.With the past experience l know,aluminiuim parts is our greatest advantage, However,  we astonished to learn that deformation of the parts is very serious and sample failed, Reworking  immediately after meeting of our engineers and production manager with a new technology viz:solution treatment-quench-aging treatment (it is called aging) for each step after machining,it works with such method,we finally got the big order successfully.
 l got the reason of sample failed for the first time from one of our engineers,Actually,Heat treatment is the key of  problem solving.According the  physical property of material,Uneven distribution of molecular geometry is the reason of  deformation of material in market,in some place more and some place less, In addition ,the molecular geometry also will be changing with the increasing of temperature during processing,Naturally,deaformation will happen in machining for each step with above reasons ,So heat  treatment for each step after machining before next step is necessary.

  [Company News]  New example of a complex part  5/22/2012 12:07:53 AM
 Below is another example of a complex part which we manufactured for the D.O.D.  

  [Company News]  Recent parts made by CNC Industries  5/21/2012 5:39:00 PM
 Shown below is a complex, application-critical Aerospace part that has been recently produced by CNC Industries for the Department of Defense (DOD).

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